XL Specialized Trailer Lineup

XL Specialized Trailers is a premier manufacturer of heavy haul and specialized trailers. Their extensive lineup includes multiple products in the commercial, construction, wind energy, infrastructure, oil and gas, and agricultural industries. If one of their existing options doesn’t fit your exact needs, XL is also able to accommodate custom applications to fit your needs.

In addition to their impressive product offerings, XL stands behind their product with their 5-3-1 warranty. This includes a full 5-year warranty on their structures and frames, a full 3-year warranty on their paint, and a full 1-year warranty on the remainder of the trailer (parts and components).

Commercial, Construction, and Agricultural Trailers:

Low Profile Bus Haulers

Mechanical Full-Width Goosenecks

Galvanized Trailers

Mechanical & Hydraulic Mini-Decks

Mechanical & Hydraulic Detachable,Extendable Trailers

Step Deck Trailers

Extendable Step Deck Trailers

Extendable Flat Deck Trailers


Mechanical & Hydraulic Multi-Axle Trailers

Double Drop Trailers

Slide Axle Trailers

Low Profile Paver Style Trailers

Power Tail Trailers

Mechanical & Hydraulic Detachable Trailers

Side Dump Trailers

Paver Trailers

Blademate Trailers

13 Axle Lightweight East & West Coast Trailers

Tower Mate Trailers

Beam Hauling Trailers

Railroad Equipment Trailers

Folding Goosenecks

Folding Extendable Goosenecks

Pipeline Hauling Trailers

Rigid Goosenecks

Hydraulic Flip Booster Trailers

Perimeter Frame Double Goosenecks