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Peterbilt Regional News & Views

  • JULY NEWSLETTER This month's Peterbilt store newsletter features photos from recent truck shows and links to upcoming events. Peterbilt Motors develops its most fuel-efficient package ever! Hot weather truck care tips and our July Parts & Service Specials will help keep your truck running smoothly this summer.
    Hot Weather Truck Care Tips Before hot weather arrives, be sure to check your belts — fan belt and alternator belt — and hoses for cuts, abrasions and wear. Better to have us replace them sooner, rather than call a tow truck later.
  • BEST BUY TRUCKS: Find the Best Buy New Truck on the "Truck Sales" page along with other Truck Sales Specials and our Sales Team's contact information.
  • TRPĀ® PARTS CATALOGS: Find Parts Catalogs, Event Photos, Maintenance Minutes, Big Rigs and other interesting topics under the "More Pages..." menu.
  • 2014 Annual Specials: Our Service Centers are joining in the effort to save the customers' money. This year, a list of Annual Service Specials joins the Annual Parts Specials. Pick up 2014 Annual Specials handout in our stores or view them online.
  • SAVE WITH A PETERBILT PREFERRED CARD: Save every day on superior parts and service with a Peterbilt Preferred Card. The more you save, the faster you earn exclusive rewards that you can't find anywhere else.