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Midwest Peterbilt Regional News & Views

  • BIG SELECTION OF 579s: Check out our big selection of Peterbilt Model 579s! Advanced aerodynamics, fuel-efficient and comfortable, we have lots of colors and configurations in stock. View our 579 special sales bulletin.
  • Peterbilt Pride & Class Video: This 4-minute video gives you an overview and inside look at a brand-new limited-edition Peterbilt Model 389. The "Pride & Class" edition celebrates Peterbilt's 75th anniversary of making quality trucks. View the special accoutrements and badging incorporated into the exterior and interior Pride & Class Package. Phone 800-444-7383 for more information.
  • ANNUAL SPECIALS POSTED For 2015, our Peterbilt Stores are posting two lists of Annual Specials. The Annual Parts Specials and the Annual Service Specials offer discounts all year long on popular truck parts, accessories and services for all makes. Links to these specials can also be found on the Parts and Service pages.
  • SAVE WITH A PETERBILT PREFERRED CARD: Save every day on superior parts and service with a Peterbilt Preferred Card. The more you save, the faster you earn exclusive rewards that you can't find anywhere else.